Monday, March 7, 2011

All kinds of crazy.

Ads have to be created creatively. Thus, there are certain delivery techniques that can be used. Here are two of them:

1. Demonstration:
Almost every acne cleansing face wash commercial uses the demonstration method. How many times have you been grossed out by watching the liquid rush into a pore full of mysterious green and brown substances...? Too many times. But certain campaigns need demonstration in order for their product to be convincing and to sell.
Another good example of this strategy is in dental hygiene advertising. Take this whitening commercial for example:

It's attractive because it shows the viewer not only how to use the product, but the results that come with its use.

2. Slice of Life:
Initially I thought of the Celtrixa commercial that is currently on TV. "Girl, don't get all offended, but what happened to your stretch marks?!" Unfortunately this ad is not to be found on the internet as far as I can tell...
In this structure people discuss their problems and then the product is introduced. This is pretty much the formula for every infomercial. Also all those life insurance commercials where a loved one is convincing another loved one to try this new life insurance. I feel like this style of advertising is being used much less now than it once was. Consumers don't seem to buy into the staged feeling that these ads give. Here's a slice of life ad that actually uses two perspectives:

It is more effective because not only do we see the subjects discussing the problem amongst themselves, they also didactically address the audience in an interview setting.

In conclusion...

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