Friday, March 11, 2011

"I can help you compose a tweet...if you like...?"

Lately I've been thinking about writing a screenplay for a smash hit movie.
I was thinking about the way in which my characters would converse and get to know each other. I want two people to fall in love--obviously-->

And I want the movie to be realistic to some extent. Like relate-able to the world right now...

But guess what.
The way people interact and get to know each other most of the time these days is through texting and facebook. Like how do people make new romantic comedies without facebook?! That's just not real life for this generation...
Of course I wouldn't want to write all that social media into my movie. It would be so cliche and boooring. Right?

Which got me to thinking about advertising.
It is very clear that advertisers now have to communicate using a huge number of resources. Facebook, aps, twitter, television, internet television, youtube, radio, billboards, website banners, ETC.
But does using all of these social media and cluttered technology as an actual subject in ads take away from the credibility of them, the way that it might in the use of films?
When used with humor, integration of social media into the subject of ads seems to be successful. Like this one:

Makes me laugh every time. Or maybe this one:

Also pretty funny. But these ads are both related to cell phones...
Does discussion of social media have a place in ads otherwise? Like an ad for oreos or a furniture store...?
I think I'm rambling now and confusing myself.
It's just so strange to think about social media becoming such a big part of our lives and society that they are now normal parts of our everyday conversation.

I would think that a really truly effective ad would be able to convey its message without discussing aps, or robots, or facebooks, or tumblers. A really great ad stands the test of time.
Coke time.

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