Thursday, February 3, 2011

This one's for all the Suckers

Here's the thing about advertising. It really effective. I believe in its power, y'all.
There are so many campaigns that I have become seriously attached to. One example is Jif:

Honestly, growing up, I felt less special when my mom didn't buy Jif because of commercials like that. And now that I'm on my own, it's the only peanut butter I buy. Not only does it taste delicious, but the brand has been so imprinted into my brain that I've developed a loyalty to it.

I kind of get a little crazy with brands actually... For example: Last week I spent 100 dollars on groceries. Just food. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I walked down the isles of the grocery store and purposely chose items that were more expensive, because I am under the delusion that brand names are always better.
Would things be different if I hadn't grown up in a world bombarded by advertisements at every turn? Would I still choose Tostinos scoop chips over the $2 bargain bag of generic chips? Would I still spend $8 on a small can of Slim Fast mix, rather than a much cheaper store brand? WOULD I STILL BUY A $10 BOTTLE OF VITAMIN D INSTEAD OF A $3 BOTTLE OF UNCOATED GENERIC BRAND?

The world may never know...
At least it hasn't come to this yet...
(This video looks suggestive from the thumbnail but it's not, I promise.)

There seems to be a fine line between buying into smart advertising, and falling for everything you see/hear. Advertising can be great, and it can be dangerous. Just don't fall for
I did my taxes with Cash 4 Gold last year and didn't see a PENNY.


  1. I have fallen into the same Jiff trap. I look at peanut butters and say to myself, "Choosy moms choose Jiff..." And ALWAYS buy Jiff. Kelly likes other peanut butters and this has been a cause of slight strain in our relationship as I'm yeLling, "CHOOSY MOMS CHOOSE JIFF!"

  2. It's just the best kind there is! Hands down!